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Diving into the design ecosystem

16 - 26 November

An ARRECIFE will grow and populate the Atrium of the Ensanche Building during BBDW23, coexisting with the activities programmed throughout the week. A reticular structure that will be articulated and enriched throughout the days, composing an assemblage of materials provided by the protagonists of the programme, impressions of the participants, traces of processes and records of activities. It is not an exhibition but an organic, interactive and evolving container. A relational, open infrastructure to represent and facilitate the connection, exchange and collaboration between the different agents of the design ecosystem in Bilbao Bizkaia.

ARRECIFE is the result of the articulation between the different agents involved in this BBDW23, working interdependently to make it possible. An example in itself of what ARTIKULAZIOA seeks to explore. A proposal from the curatorship of ColaBoraBora, based on the diatoms with which Crisiscreativa has given life to the visual identity of this edition. The structure that supports the reef has been created by IED Kunsthal, in a transdisciplinary design process with the students. And the dynamisation to inhabit it and bring it to life is a proposal by Gheada, seeking the involvement of visitors and participants through two mediation activities, one more express Micro-stories, testimonies under the microscope and the other, which requires prior registration, Underwater laboratory: Designing ecosystems.

ARRECIFE is an invitation to metaphorically immerse oneself in the design ecosystem, to see it evolve throughout BBDW23, to explore it without having a predetermined route or destination, adding new senses and meanings, new elements and possibilities in this exploration. 

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