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Makeup 3D

Bideotikan Workshop

Makeup 3D | Ines Alpha

23 November | 16:00 h - 20:00 h

Ines Alpha is a 3D artist based in Paris. She started experimenting with 3D while working as an art director in advertising, specialising in beauty and luxury.

Her main work is the "3D Make-up" series, in which she pushes the boundaries of make-up and beauty using 3D software and augmented reality.

Workshop participants will be able to get started with Spark AR software, an essential tool for creating AR filters on Facebook and Instagram and learn the basics of the application so that each student can take home their own AR filter at the end of the workshop.

The aim is to encourage a fun and creative approach to make-up and self-expression.

La Perrera Bilbao (Sabino Arana street 50)
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