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La dinamización como pieza clave de activación de ecosistemas

Dynamization as a key piece of ecosystem activation

Take the journey to the community you need

22 November | 17:30 h - 19:30 h

With the aim of making visible the benefits of networking and the potential of communities as a way to activate valuable collaborative projects, which can study possible solutions to the challenges of our time (employment, entrepreneurship, sustainable tourism, new rurality, active aging...), this event aims to bring dynamization closer as an essential way for the cohesion of networks and the achievement of their objectives, as well as the power of monitoring and evaluating them to improve decision-making.

Through it we seek to enhance action and interaction among attendees to design and undertake the journey towards the desired future of purposeful communities.


About Urbegi Social Impact

Urbegi Social Impact is a consultancy specialized in helping corporations find and integrate disruptive solutions to improve their competitiveness and influence, through the promotion of ecosystems and communities that positively impact the cultural, social and economic development of organizations and territories. 

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