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Foto de la dinámica de la comunidad E-kin diseño con sororidad

E-kin, design with sorority (Topaketa III)

Workshop on shaping a community of female designers

18 November | 11:00 h - 15:30 h

“E-kin, design with sorority (phase 2)" is a project to generate a community of women linked to design and architecture with the aim of weaving networks of mutual support and care to transform the architecture, urban planning and design sector into a more egalitarian and feminist one through participatory and creative dynamics. It will add continuity to the process initiated in 2022.

In 2023 we continue to generate healthy, safe, sonorous and pleasant care and support spaces for professional women and students in the design sector in Bizkaia, open to the entire Basque Country.

The central activity will be the 3rd "E-kin, design with sorority” meeting when we will continue the work to generate the community, collectively reflect on design with feminist values produced by women, investigate and share existing projects and initiatives, identify patriarchal dynamics in the sector and share our feelings.

So that we can take care of all the details for that day, we ask you to answer this form in case you intend to participate. 

More information about E-kin at this link

“e-kin is a community of female designers which aims to provide mutual support and transform our professions based on feminisms".

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