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Cartel Maker Faire Bilbao

Maker Faire Bilbao

Creative Technologies International Festival

11 - 03 December

Maker Faire Bilbao is a festival around digital culture and the creative use of technologies. In this edition, the event will be held from November 11 to December 3, with a program that includes conferences on technological trends and their social impact, workshops on art and digital technologies, activities to value the memory of the territory through digital manufacturing and workshops for families, among other activities.

  • Jetclay Academy Workshop: Learn to use an open source ceramic 3D printer

From November 24 to 26

This workshop, developed within the framework of the European Distributed Design project, focuses on creative profiles from the world of design, ceramics and other creative fields. They will learn how to use open source ceramic 3D printing to be able to apply it to their projects.

  • Scanning of people linked to the memory of Zorrotzaurre

From November 24 to 26

Fab Lab Bilbao launches an activity focused on connecting the memory of the neighborhood and new digital manufacturing technologies. Throughout 3 days, Maker Faire Bilbao will invite people linked to the La Ribera de Deusto - Zorrotzaurre neighborhood to scan their busts and make ceramic sculptures.

  • Proyecto Valla project

From November 20 to 26

During the festival, the inaugural intervention of a new outdoor exhibition space of the Espacio Open cultural center will take place, which will become a large-format canvas for artistic actions by different collectives and international projects.

  • Women Maker Ecosystem

From November 17 to 19

Program of workshops and project presentations focused on sharing knowledge related to crafts and maker culture, connecting traditional knowledge with experimentation in biomaterials, wearables and digital manufacturing tools.

  • Workshop Program for all audiences and families

Every weekend from November 11 to 26

Introductory workshops to creative electronics, aimed at both children and all ages.

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