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Microrrelatos: Testimonios al microscopio

Micro-stories, testimonies under the microscope

Mediation by Estudio Gheada

17 - 26 November

The exchange and collaboration between the different agents of the design habitat seems to us key to generate relationships and contribute to the creative processes. Therefore, we invite you to be part of this network through reflection and thought.

Help us build the BBDW marine reserve! Contribute your reflections; these will be transformed into tiny elements that can be viewed through an interactive microscope at the entrance of the Ensanche Building.

To add your answer to the bank of micro-stories, you can do it in person or through social networks. From the observation of the small, and paying attention to detail, we can discover new ways to build, exchange and promote new ideas and challenges.

Ensanche Building (Atrium)
Estudio Gheada