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Proceso creativo Ardiko

The new Craftsmanship: a link between the past and the future

22 November | 18:00 h - 19:00 h

A meeting with Yolanda Sanchez, Julian Trotman and Rachad Salem.

During the talk, Yolanda Sanchez from Ardi-ko will tell us how she focused on renewing tradition with her project "NATURAL PATTERNS". This project, presented at Dutch Design Week 2022 and developed at iAtelier-Crafting Europe, employs technologies for the 3D modelling of felt, rejuvenating craft techniques and connecting with contemporary needs.

Julian Trotman and Rachad Salem of Godot Studio are revolutionising the craft world with their innovative approach to ceramics. They use printing technology to find modern applications for this ancient discipline, achieving pieces that represent a perfect fusion of tradition and modernity, demonstrating that craftsmanship and technology can coexist and enhance each other.

Godot Studio - Deusto Riverside, 70B, first floor