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Cartel del cierre de la BBDW23


Recognize us as an eco-system

24 November | 20:30 h - 23:00 h

Although by this point there will be two days of activities still left, we will have experienced the bulk of the programme and suggest getting together to celebrate BBDW23 and its exercise of collective articulation.

We invite you once again to immerse yourselves in the reef in the Ensanche Building, to view its evolution over the week. Gheada will provide a guided tour to show what the tides of design and their articulating currents have created and the traces they have left behind. But above all, the evening aims to provide a calm and relaxed meeting, where we can enjoy being together, get to know each other and connect, share and exchange, plan and confabulate, feel the re-generative energy we produce when we get together, and recognise ourselves as an ECOSYSTEM.

To help create a connecting-celebratory atmosphere, similar to the opening, we will feed both body and soul with snacks assembled by BOKAT by Etxanobe and wash them down with La Salve beers. Experimental musician Arketipo will once again accompany, seeking to bring out all the energy generated in the reef over the week.

Ensanche Building (Atrium)
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logotipo Bizkaia