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T-Factor. Transiciones Sostenibles

T-Factor. Sustainable Transitions

Temporary City Uses for Inclusion and Balance in Urban Development

20 - 21 November


Guided visit to the T-Factor Ecosystem (**with invitation**)

Monday 20 November. Espacio Open (Ribera de Deusto 70)

15:00 – 15:15 Reception and welcome.

15:15 – 15:45 Presentation of the T-Factor Pilot Project.

15:45 – 17:00 Visit to the co-created temporary spaces and the T-FACTOR ecosystem.

17:00 Closing and networking.


T-FACTOR. Urban innovation: Exploring Temporary Uses.

Tuesday 21 November, Ensanche Building (Plaza del Ensanche 11)

10:00 – 12:00 Talks and round table. From grassroots initiatives to projects that articulate the urban environment. (**event open to the general public by Inscription)

12:30 – 14:30 Urban Innovation Workshop: Exploring Temporary Uses, contextualization: Ane Abarrategi (**with invitation**)

14:30 Closing and networking.

**Events exclusively for people with invitation from the T-Factor organisation**


On 20 and 21 November, T-FACTOR will be organising two days of meetings to explore ‘temporary uses’ as strategic tools for a more sustainable, prosperous and inclusive urban development.

On the first day, in a meeting reserved for people with an invitation**, we will visit the temporary spaces co-created by the community of practice that has been articulated around design in the pilot area of La Ribera de Deusto and Zorrotzaurre. We will also visit the creative spaces that collaborate in this initiative and that form part of the innovation ecosystem that has made the creation of these spaces possible.

On the second day of the meeting (attendance open by Inscription), we will look at three cases of three initiatives that have incorporated ‘temporary uses’ into their urban development strategy in London (Euston), Stockholm (Blivande) and Brussels (Communa). This will be followed by a round table discussion.

Afterwords, there will be a workshop with people that have received invitation**, where there will participate professionals in innovation and urban and social development to discuss how cities can promote and facilitate the practice of 'temporary uses' and integrate them into their strategy.

T-FACTOR is a Horizon 2020 innovation project, launched in June 2020 to explore and learn about the transformative potential of 'temporary uses' to drive urban regeneration in areas such as city design and governance.

T-FACTOR is actively working on the creation of its White Paper, a document that aims to be a reference in the systematisation of ideas and proposals to promote the integration of temporary uses in urban regeneration plans in European cities. Emphasising the urgent need to align with EU initiatives such as the European Green Pact and the New European Bauhaus, the White Paper will advocate for a dynamic policy framework that conceives temporary uses as instrumental tools to achieve fair, inclusive and sustainable urban development.

Bilbao participates in T-FACTOR as a pilot city with the area of La Ribera de Deusto and Zorrotzaurre to research, learn and build community around the practice of temporary uses. With this objective, the pilot strategy focuses on articulating the collaboration between different agents involved in the present and future of the island, to make visible and activate the talent represented by the creative initiatives and their professionals, the universities and their students, and the community that lives and works in the area.

This collaboration has materialised in a programme of co-creation of three temporary urban spaces designed and manufactured by students of two universities (Deusto and Mondragon) and the IED-Kunsthal School of Design, accompanied by professionals in design and creative spaces on the island, and by European experts from T-FACTOR's partner organisations. These spaces address current issues such as the resilience of cities in the face of climate change, the circular and collaborative economy, and the preservation of the memory of intangible cultural heritage.

Bilbao Ekintza
Espacio Open